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Supercool Total Leak Stop R134a
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Supercool  Total Leak Stop + U/V DYE

Easy to use! Stops leaks in metal and rubber automotive air conditioner parts including evaporators, condensers, 0-rings, gaskets and hoses.

For use in R134a, HFO-1234yf, hybrid & electric A/C systems.

Includes O-ring conditioner, proprietary anti-wear and anti-oxidant additives.

Adds 1 oz. (30 ml) leak stop with U/V leak detection dye.

Patented delivery system, does not contain refrigerant.

Does not contain polymers. Will not harm or clog A/C system components or equipment.


1. Start engine& turn A/C TO MAX.
If A/C compressor is not running, Leak Stop cannot be installed.
2.    Remove cap from low pressure port of A/C System.
3.    Before connecting leak stop to low pressure port slowly fill hose with leak stop to force any air out.
4.    connect hose to low pressure port & depress actuator to charge leak stop into A/C System (approx. 20 sec.)
5.    disconnect hose from port.
6.    top up A/C With Refrigerant.
7.    Run A/C System 15 to 20 minutes to circulate leak stop in A/C System.

Do not connect to high pressure side.

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