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Cristal Magic Touch

Express One Step instant Dry Polishing and protecting any surface outside the car.

It is an Express Waterless polishing product!

Protects paint, glass, chrome-plated, Rims and plastic parts.

Removes the yellow spots on the car’s headlights.

Removes all types of asphalt and grease stains on the body of the vehicle.

It can be used with any stainless steel surface on the vehicle or other.

shake the can well before use and place the can in the direction of my head.

Place the car under the shade and spray the product on a small area (1 square meter)
Use a soft towel and wipe the area gently with a circular motion to dry it
Leave the area for 10-20 seconds to become misty, then use a soft towel lightly to give the car a shiny look

Keep out of the reach of children.
Avoid inhaling steam, spray the sprayer in a well ventilated area and moderate heat.
Do not expose the package to direct heat or store it in a place where the temperature is above 120 ° F.
In case of repeated contact with the skin, wash the skin with water and disinfectants. If the product reaches the eye, wash it for 15 minutes with water.

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