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Cristal GX-3 Plastic Restorer & Leather Protector
Cristal GX-3 Plastic Restorer & Leather Protector
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Cristal GX-3 Plastic Restorer & Leather Protector

polishes fiber plastic and return it for its original black color , shines and protects leather seats or any interior leather decorations . 

Perfect for using on the plastic or fiber parts on the body of the vehicle from the outside, whether front or rear or glare on the doors and provides amazing performance.

Creates a sunscreen to give maximum protection to the skins.

Restores surfaces to original, leaving no greasy residue.
Contains a fragrance for the skin, giving the car a new feel.

Contains Aloe Vera to give more of the original gloss to the surface and helps to repel the dirt.


Shake the can well before use and place the can in the vertical direction.
Spray evenly and keep at least three to four inches from the surface.
Leave the area untouched and dry

Keep out of the reach of children.
Avoid continuous inhalation of steam, spray the sprayer in a well ventilated area and moderate heat.
Do not expose the product to direct heat or smoke or store it in a place that is above 130 ° F.


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