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Crystal Foam (Polished Foam Polisher) is a powerful cleanser and polisher with foam for carpets, seats and decors, removes dirt and stains difficult to remove. Works on all types of floor mats, velvet seats, cloth and other surfaces inside the car.

Wash the canister thoroughly before use. Spray the foam on the bedding or cloth to be cleaned. Leave the foam for 15-30 seconds until it gets into the dirt and wipe with a non-wet towel.

Keep out of the reach of children.
Avoid inhaling steam, spray the sprayer in a well ventilated area and moderate heat.
Do not expose the package to direct heat or store it in a place where the temperature is above 120 ° F.
In case of repeated contact with the skin, wash the skin with water and disinfectants. If the product reaches the eye, wash it for 15 minutes with water.


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