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Formula 2000 Industrial Degreaser Cleaner
Formula 2000 Industrial Degreaser Cleaner
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Formula 2000 Industrial Degreaser Cleaner

Formula 2000 is a powerful industrial cleaner, used to clean the engine body and to clean all kinds of dirt, grease, stains and oil that is very hard to remove.

It removes grease, wax, glue, oil, asphalt and dirt

Cleans the dirt attached to the engine such as carbon dioxide particles in air, grease and accumulated oil.

It can help avoid severe damage to gears by plankton and dirt in different types of heavy machinery.


Chemicals in the product never decompose or less effective.


Before using, adjust the Nozzle Sprayer.

Spray generously on the surface to be cleaned

Immediately rinse the surface with water or wipe with a damp cloth.

In case of repeated contact with the skin, wash the skin with water and disinfectants. If the product reaches the eye, wash it for 15 minutes with water and consult your doctor

Available as a sprayer of 946 ML or Gallon or 20 liter Pail

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