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Supercool R-134a Refrigerant

Synthetic Additive package provides maximum cooling performance for all vehicles

  • Contains 12oz R134a Refrigerant charge & 2oz synthetic lubricant charge replaces lost oil caused by system leaks

  • Contains performance enhancer provides colder air faster

  • Contains system safe leak sealer stops small leaks in rubber hoses, gaskets & o-rings

  • Ultraviolet leak detection dye to quickly identify system leaks

  • Anti-wear additives to reduce wear and extend compressor life.

Directions: 1) Start engine and turn on air conditioner and set to maximum cool.


3) Find low side A/C service port located between the compressor and evaporator and remove blue/black low side service port cap.

4) Attach quick couple connector by pulling sleeve back while pushing onto low side service port & Push Sleeve forward to lock in place.

5) Hold can upside down, depress button on top of can.

6) Allow contents to flow into A/C System.

7) Remove quick couple connecter from service port and discard.

Remarks:  Not for use in R-12 A/C System – Do not connect to high pressure side – Check the required Capacity of Refrigerant from the Driver Manual / or Visit this Link: http://auto.supercool.ac/ , Then choose “RESOURCES”, Then “LUBRICANT SPECIFICATION GUIDE”

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