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Radiator Coolant Additive Diesel
Radiator Coolant Additive Diesel
Radiator Coolant Additive Diesel
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Diesel Engine Radiator Coolant

  • Liquid color: Blue  

  • Diesel Engine Radiator Additive with Mono-Molecular Protection Ready to Use.

  • PROTECTION: Electrolysis. Cavitations-Erosion. Hot Surface Scaling. Over Heating. Rust. Corrosion. Lubricant.

  • Complies with European, Japanese, Koren, Asian, Brazilian, and American Industry regulations.

  • Eco-Protector Formula, Environmentally Friendly, Bio-Degradable. Ethylene Glycol Free

  • NEW FORMULA FOR HEAVY DUTY DISEL ENGINES also for: cars, long haul trucks, buses, 4X4’S, suv, agricultural equipment, marine, construction equipment, stationary motors and industrial power generators.

  • Formulated with HOAT, NOAT and OAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology)provides excellent protection of the entire cooling system for both light and heavy duty applications.

  • Designed to provide 3 types of Mono-Molecular protection.

  • Protects: Wet cylinder sleeves from electrolysis, Piston liners, radiator and water pump from surface scaling and cavitation. Hoses and polymer components against extreme heat conditions. Phosphate free and Low TDS formula to prevent hot surface scaling and overheating. Also protects high mileage and older engines.

  • Compatible with all types of Antifreeze / Coolants including Extended Long Life Antifreeze.

  • Complies with International ASTM standards D6210, D2570, D2809 and D1384 TMC of ATA RP329/330/338.

  • Boling point: 235F/112.8C, 15psi radiator cap at sea level.

  • Available With Size Of “Drums” which equal to (208 Liters) of Liquid.

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