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ATF Dexron3
ATF Dexron3
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ATF Dexron3 Type (H)

FREEZETONE Automatic Transmission Fluid. and appropriated with most of Power steering systems. it can be used with Cars, buses, trucks, etc that require DEXRON II, DEXRON III, FORD MERCON .

  • Freezetone Dexron III (H) Automatic Transmission Fluid is recommended as a replacement fluid for automatic transmissions meeting or exceeding original equipment manufacturers(OEM) performance requirements of General Motors, Ford and other domestic and imported passenger cars, vans, and light trucks where DEXRON II, DEXRON II – E, DEXRON III – G, DEXRON III, H Revision, Automatic Transmission Fluid, or Ford MERCON fluids are specified.

  • It is also recommended for Allison res 389, C-3, C-4 applications, and Caterpillar TO-2 applications

  • Excellent low temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting

  • Resistance to foaming

  • Oxidation and thermal stability for long life

  • Suitable for most power steering units

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