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Engine Head Gasket Fix
Engine Head Gasket Fix
Engine Head Gasket Fix
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  • Repairs, Stops leaks & Safely Seals Gasket Leaks

  • Quickly Stops Coolant Leaks

  • Restores Shrunk and Hardened Gasket

  • Compatible With All Types of Antifreeze

  • Obviate the costly process of Replacing the Engine Head Gasket Which usually needs to remove the Engine Head with Engine Attachments


One bottle treats 5.6 to 15 liters of Coolant. Larger systems use 1 bottle for every 15 litres of Coolant.


Allow engine to cool. Make sure engine is cool enough so radiator cap can be safely removed.

Shake well. Pour HEAD GASKET FIX directly into radiator. If using in a small cooling system under 5.7 litre capacities, such as 4 cylinders with no air conditioning, install ½ bottles. Tip: If direct access to radiator is not available and if overflow tank is pressurized, you can install in tank.

Fill radiator and overflow tank to proper level and reinstall radiator cap.

Start engine.

Turn heater on hot and fan on high.

Idle engine for 15 minutes.

Allow engine to cool so cap can be safely removed. 

Top off radiator and leave Rislone HEAD GASKET FIX in cooling system for continued protection. Drive vehicle as normal.


Compatible With All Types of Antifreeze

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