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About us

About us
About us
About us
About us

Al Adl Industrial factory

Al Adl Industrial factory for manufacturing “ALBADEEL” Radiator Coolant / Antifreeze which used in all types of cars , equipment , Generators . And manufacturing of Radiator Treatment Liquids and High Quality Distilled Water which used in so many applications . as well work on manufacturing different kinds of industrial Cleaners and Detergents With Excellent Performance. Where we give quality and efficiency the utmost attention ,  We proud of being the Saudi factory Which produce according to international Standards and metrology Where the production process is fully automatic Using the latest industrial machinery With control system. Which is reflected in the quality and mastery of Production. We care a lot about preserving the environment so all the factory product are Environmentally Friendly .


Why us

The Saudi factory manufactures according to international specifications, providing high service and performance at a reasonable cost. Manufacturing is done automatically using the latest methods and machines, which reflects the quality and mastery of manufacturing. We care a lot about preserving the environment, so all the factory’s products are environmentally friendly.


Leadership in providing products of high quality and efficiency, and effective contribution to the development of the national industrial field

Our core values

Trust – Excellence – Innovation – Excellence – Attention – Quality


Gain customer confidence and meet the requirements of local and foreign markets by providing distinguished products that achieve the purpose they were manufactured for with efficiency and mastery.